This album launches Coldplay into new territory, and it’s only a matter of time now that new “satellite” bands start ripping Coldplay off, hovering around the band’s orbit, waiting to see what they pull off next. On the magnificent album closer, “Amsterdam”, Martin sings, “Oh, my star is fading.” You’re much too modest, Chris. Coldplay is just getting started.”

-Adrien Begrand

Rereading The Republic for school, which I initially resented but I’ve changed my mind as my second reading, which is now going beyond just general comprehension, is showing the insane level of sass that is being tossed back and forth in all the conversations

Important question: Do you guys get emails when people favorite your Tweets?

Bubbles Carry a Lot of Weight: Texting Anxiety Caused by Little Bubbles

Or there’s the text you want to pretend you haven’t read yet — but then find that your pocket has pressed against the cursor, which is now in the response tab and, damn, now he knows that you’ve seen it and your whole plan is foiled.

Laura Barganier, a public relations manager in New York, told me recently, “Sometimes I don’t want someone — O.K., likely a boy — to know I’m taking so long to write a text that I start a brand-new blank text and then copy and paste it in the original chain,”

“But don’t you wonder if he wonders how you typed so quickly?” I asked.

“I fake type for a few seconds,” she responded.

As Neal Bledsoe, an actor in Los Angeles, put it (over text message, naturally): “This is the new human condition. We’re all desperate for human connection, and all we get — after all that typing — is a paper-clip emo

yo i am terrible at making friends