“I look at you, and I just love you, and it terrifies me. It terrifies me what I would do for you.” — Liam Stewart (Alexandra Bracken, Never Fade)


Diablo Lake, I’ll be seeing you in February. For now, L.A. bound. Bye Vancouver! 👋

So ive decided im only going to seriously date people if they are Vegan or Vegetarian.


I’ve lived a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle for the past 4 years. This part of me is a huge part of who i am as a person. I have been going out with people that i’ve thought i liked for the past few years only to find they do not share my values or that we do not meld together well, or they’re liars who suck at keeping up their crappy appearances. It just…

  • I do not want my boyfriend/girlfriend to make bacon jokes  or show me that stupid pig and cow meme again. . I’m sorry it’s been almost 5 years you tend to get sick of it after a while.  (Because no, Soy MIlk is not spanish for the last time)
  • i don’t want chicken fingers jokingly pushed into my face. 
  • i do not want to be asked if i would eat meat if there is nothing left on earth for the 1,000th time. 
  • haven’t said anything about the fact that you’re eating a cheeseburger. but you’ve asked me 5 times since our food got here if i’m ok with you eating it in front of me, like you want me to start spewing animal rights facts. 
  • i don’t want my values questioned over and over again. I do not eat meat because i am beyond healthy without it and i do not believe that i have to end the life of a living being when i am perfectly healthy without it. 

 Now i’m gonna go to babycakes and eat a ton of cupcakes while wishing Morrissey would return my phone calls. 

….and wine


i feel like every week i’m just like “i need to get through this week”

  • C: Did you finish your paper yet?
  • K: No, but I've already bought the wine I plan to drink once I do finish my paper!

  • updates on my love life: claimed another fictional character as my boyfriend


By Daniel Farò


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